Tue 13 Feb 2018

IntelliJ IDEA

This is an interactive development environment (IDE) for Java and other languages that run on the JVM. I haven't been using it for long, but so far it seems much better than Eclipse.

It has a learn plugin that you can install. Once installed, get to it using View -> Tool Windows.

IntelliJ are the company behind Kotlin. IntelliJ IDEA contains a lot of built-in support for Kotlin.

Useful commands

I'm using Emacs key notation for this section.


Movement and selection with cursor keys using Ctrl and Shift works as normal.

Next error F2
Jump to source F4
View implementors C-A-b
File outline C-F12
Find C-f


Comment or uncomment C-/
Delete line C-y
Move line A-S-up/down
Multiple cursors matching word A-j
C-A-S-j does the whole file in one go

Code Aware Editing

Format C-A-l
Suggest C-space
Move block C-S-up/down
Automatic completion C-S-Enter
this handles for loops, if blocks and so on.
Rename S+F6
Change signature C-F6
works on functions or classes


Symbol documentation C-q
View method signature C-p