Thu 26 Jan 2017 — Thu 18 Jan 2018

Fire Marshall

Fire can spread very quickly. Don't be a hero - make sure you can always get out.

2 lungfulls of smoke can kill. Stay low under the smoke.

  • Flashover: when everything in an area ignites due to heat.
  • Backdraught: when oxygen is introduced to a fire and it explodes.

Test for heat using the back of your hand.

We are subject to the Fire Safety Order (FSO).

Fire Safety Risk Assement For Offices And Shops

People with mobility issues

People with mobility issues (including from temporary injuries) need their own part of the plan.

This might include evacuation assistance, relocation, or a temporary refuge.

People with hearing issues

Give these people vibration alarms.


Most fires are set by arson.

On top of that, arson is probably unreported (we only catch the sloppy arsonists).


Use the whole extinguisher to stop the fire permenantly.

Signs on extinguishers should glow in the dark.

  • Water: for solids. Lasts for a while.
  • Foam: works on flammable liquids, plus everything water works on.
  • Powder: works on electrical and gas fires, plus all of the above.
  • C02: works on most fires. Don't use in enclosed spaces or you may pass out. Be careful not to spread hot material around.
  • Wet chemical: special commercial kitchen extinguisher for fat fires.

Vertical fires: start low, move up gradually.

Fire Blankets

As you place these, use them to shield yourself (your hands in particular).

Fire Doors

These are self-sealing in the presence of heat.


  • Check escape routes
  • Check detectors
  • Check extinguishers (should have tamper labels)
  • Check emergency lighting
  • Keep sources of fuel tidied away
  • Look after hazardous materials

1 mandatory fire drill per year (per shift).

In case of fire

  • Wear high vis jacket
  • Evacuate your area (take the visitors book)
  • Activate the alarm
  • Ensure the fire service has been called
  • Report to chief fire marshall at the assembly point:
    • Who's left in your region
    • Where the fire is

Checking an extinguisher

  • service dates
  • pressure guage
  • tamper tag
  • should be an appropriate type for the locatikon


Old furniture burns really quickly.

Modern furniture has fire-proof coatings, which delays burning a few minutes.

Company Fire Planning

One-Off Setup

  • Everyone needs to read the fire plan
  • Find out who the chief fire marshall is
  • Make sure there is an inventory of all the fire equipment
  • Assign everyone an exit/region for evacuation
  • Make sure fire marshalles understand how to use the fire panel
  • Decide who takes the log book

Regular Tasks for Fire Marshalls

  • carry out annual reviews of risk assessments
  • carry out 6 monthly fire drills
  • check escape routes every Monday
  • test alarm every Monday
  • visually expect extinguishers and fire blankets every Monday
    • service dates
    • pressure guage
    • tamper tag
    • should be an appropriate type for the location
  • check emergency lighting every month
  • carry out spot checks of health and safety